Please choose an activity or task from the list of activities below, read the description and time requirements, then fill out the short registration and await a confirmation.

All volunteers will be provided a 22 Challenge staff t-shirt free of charge. All volunteers will additionally be credited on the website and in social media. 

Annual Ruck Event Volunteer Positions

  • Pick-up and Deliver water around the annual ruck route. 
  • Start/Finish-line tape holders
  • Place route-indication signs around the route before the annual ruck. Collect them after the ruck.
  • Staff the Fundraising Table
  • Collect Trash from route checkpoints.
  • Sing the National Anthem before ruck begins
  • Event Photographer
  • Interview ruck runners
  • Drone-camera operator
  • Equipment set up – tents, PA system, microphones, tables, etcetera
  • advertising and handbill distribution
  • Pledge/endowment/fundraising/donation facilitation

Everyday Volunteer positions

  • Outreach hotline
  • production of fundraiser items
  • engaging with at-risk veteran populations
  • write website blog entries
  • sell website advertising space as fundraiser
  • make infographics or video content related to our mission for publication and sharing on social media
  • Help locate and secure corporate donations
  • pickup tangible donations, such as donated food, and bring to storage facility
  • provide storage space for donations
  • provide graphic design for posters, banners, events, and social media